registered nurse oath

The oath and code of ethics of a registered nurse

The nursing job requires a lot responsibility, there are many patients to take care of and many to comfort and make them believe in miracles even if their illness is far too dangerous to treat. But that’s not all that nurses must acknowledge. They are some kind of companions of the patients and must do their best to provide all the care needed. The registered nurse oath and ethical code seem to be underestimated and many people think they can do this job the way they want. But that’d far from reality.

The registered nurse oath, the Nightingale Pledge was created long ago, and it’s used for the first time back in 1893. It was named after Florence Nightingale and she was a nurse,  an educator, social reformer, statistician and a writer, simply, she is the symbol of nursing career. The main difference between this and Hippocratic Oath is that the first one is used by the nurses and the second one by the doctors. This oath actually represents the most important values of the nursing profession – duty to care, the ethical principle of non-malfeasance, confidentiality and client advocacy. It is supposed to remind the nurses why they have entered this profession and what are their obligations and responsibilities.

On the other side, the code of ethics has the written form and it actually has the legal aspect of nursing practice. This code has a lot of aspects but it mostly consists of obligation to promote a good health, do no deliberate harm, work on independence and self-reliance, and to know what patients should be treated first. Every nurse must face some really hard time and important decisions to make, the main thing is to choose wisely. Even though some decisions may turn out to be bad, the crucial is to have good intentions. The bottom-line is that every nurse must stick to some moral standards and values in order to provide all the care necessary to the patients.

Many students who want to become registered nurses don’t know what they are getting into before they face the reality. The registered nurse oath and code of ethics is a great introduction into the new career and a lot of responsibilities. This is a career where there will be many terrible and many wonderful days as well, but at the end, it’s worth all the time and efforts.


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