Registered Nurse Agencies Canada

Across the globe a demand for registered nurses is constantly on the rise. However, in most Asian countries nursing is still considered to be a low-class job. This is understandable considering the low salaries and lack of other facilities and increments for registered nurses. On the contrary, in the United States and Canada the profession of registered nursing is highly respected and more and more people are opting for a career in this field. The average yearly salary of a registered nurse residing in the United States is about $66000. For Canada the yearly salary of registered nurses is anywhere from C$52000-74000. Both these salaries indicate that nursing professionals are paid well in this region and there is a considerable possibility of career advancement in the field.

For a registered nurse looking for a suitable job, it would be a good idea to sign up with a registered nurse agency. These registered nurse agencies (Canada) provide useful information and data related to your job search as well as access to a number of jobs in your area. Listed below are some of the best registered nurse agencies, (Canada) along with the services they provide.

  1. The site allows you to post your resume’ so that it can be accessed by employers looking for suitable registered nurses. Employers have to pay a certain amount to gain access to the database of resumes in the site. This ensures that only serious employers with a genuine interest in gaining nursing employees can have access to the registered nurses.
  2. The site is particularly beneficial for nurses who are considering relocating to Canada. Nurses are required to have some experience in the field as well as post-graduate certifications in order to apply for a job.
  3. The site allows nursing staff to find suitable jobs in healthcare facilities, hospitals and clinics in Canada. They even have job openings for temporary nursing assignments that pay far greater than regular jobs. Professional recruiters assist and guide you in finding the job of your choice.
  4. The site has valuable information and advice for nurses and doctors in Canada. Additionally, there are a number of available job listings for those searching for suitable employment in their area.
  5. This is a registered nurse agency that specializes in finding jobs in Canada for registered nurses from across the globe.


While there are a number of registered nurse agencies, (Canada), nurses looking for a job in the field should ensure the validity and authenticity of the particular nurse agency before submitting their resume.

registered nurse Barbie dolls

Why Registered Nurse Barbie Dolls are Special

Dolls have been girls’ favorite toys since time immemorial. Not only are dolls a great way to engage little girls in role play and teaching them important things alongside, but they are also like best friends to most young girls. Talking about dolls, the first brand name that pops to mind as soon as anyone mentions the word ‘doll’ is undoubtedly Barbie. Introduced by Mattel Inc. in the year 1959, Barbie dolls have kept young girls in all parts of the world entertained for more than fifty years, being their most beloved toy item. What makes them special is the fact that the manufacturers have come up with numerous types of Barbie dolls to suit all types of tastes and preferences.

Historically, Barbie dolls were introduced around the era when females were becoming more emancipated as they stepped into a new role as career women. Thus, during that time, western women were coming out of the stereotype that limited their roles as homemakers who were only expected to maintain their household and raise children. Barbie dolls introduced during that time focused on the importance of women’s entrance into the professional world and in many ways, acted as the trendsetters in that time. Not only did they present a more progressive outlook for women but also trained young girls to be more forward when it came to their career choices.

Among these special career-oriented Barbie dolls, the registered nurse Barbie dolls garnered immense popularity as they introduced nursing as a full-fledged profession. Since in the beginning, women career choices were mostly limited to the more conventional options, registered nurse Barbie dolls reflected that mindset. Their male counterpart, Ken, on the other hand was made the doctor. With the passage of time, however, the dolls evolved from being just registered nurse Barbie dolls to being dressed as doctors themselves.

Introduced in the year 1961, the inspiration behind the registered nurse Barbie dolls was Nurse Whitney, who has been a historical figure in the field of nursing. The original registered nurse Barbie dolls donned a starched white uniform and shoes, unlike the scrubs nurses wear today. They carried the things that were considered important in the field of nursing back in the day, including a hot water bottle, a medicine container and a spoon. Their thick black spectacle frames completed the sophisticated look. These registered nurse Barbie dolls were reintroduced as part of the vintage Barbie collection as part of the fifty-year celebration.


licensed practical nurse scope of practice

The scope of practice for licensed practical nurses

There are so many things people can do for living, but the question is, what kind of education is actually worth investing in. The jobs in medical field seem to have a bright future since the statistics show that more and more states have a constant need for employees connected to any medical field. One of the most important jobs is licensed practical nursing but there are certain qualifications and procedures that must be passed before even looking for a job. For anyone who wants to work in this field the most important thing is learning about the licensed practical nurse scope of practice.

When it comes to licensed nursing, there are many things that need to be done before getting the license and being able to handle the job easily. The first important thing is education, and it doesn’t matter what state we are talking about. The licensed nurses can help in any medical area and work in doctors’ offices, clinics, and public health agencies if needed. They are normally under the supervision of the doctors of registered nurses, so they need to be responsible enough to go on with the work, anytime. The licensed practical nurse scope of practice is not easy at all since there are also some special regulations from state to state to follow and it case someone wants to change the state, sometimes he’ll need to change the license, as well.

This job also requires coping with the difficult and unhappy patients and being in the middle of some sad situations, as well. Everyone in this field must be educated enough but also strong enough, and mentally prepared. The license nursing job is considered to be some kind of a teamwork, so in order to provide all the care that the patient needs, one must be in touch with the others, nurses and doctors and not to be allergic of authority. When it comes to particular duties of the licensed nurse, they depend of the field where the nurse will be working in. Generally speaking, the licensed nurses need to assist during many medical procedures and observation of the patients, take care of the medical records, report conditions to the doctors and be in constant touch with the patients. The most important thing for licensed practical nurse scope of practice is to understand the abilities and the responsibilities, and know that only working in balance can provide the best results.